Tech Knights

What is the Brooklyn Tech Knights Chess Team?

The Brooklyn Tech Knights Chess Team is a group of students devoted to playing serious chess by traveling to local and state tournaments, and competing in them for our school. We meet at least once a week to practice the game and to learn about it.

What does the Chess Team hope to accomplish?

We at the Brooklyn Tech High School Chess Team hope to accomplish the spread of chess all over and to build its reputation as the world's best game. We would like to play competitive chess as often and as much as we can. We are thrilled whenever we are given the opportunity to play in a tournament. After all, chess is not just a game -it's a competitive game.

Why chess?

There are many benefits to playing chess. The members of the team are exposed to them every time we go to a tournament or practice together. With chess, the most obvious benefit is the ability to make high quality decisions. Every move you make has a direct result on what happens in the future, and when playing a high profile game a single move can be the difference between a checkmate and a resignation. This can be a great skill to learn for life, that every action you take will have a consequence.

Another benefit of chess is that it cultivates long range planning and goal setting. The best chess players in the world don't get to be that way by sheer luck! Planning from the very get-go, all chess players work hard for that won game, and when that goal is made a reality, they see a realization of a goal. This is a good lesson for all the chess team members, in that we should plan now for what is to come later in our lives.

Lastly, chess can help us become more patient and can help prove the point that Small advantages add up. Nothing in chess is impromptu. You have to be careful and analyze every possible move and then analyze the further outcomes of those moves every turn. Also, even small advantages in chess can add up to be huge advantages later in the game. That pawn move may not have seemed very important to you in the early part of the game, but now that it's about to become a queen you understand very well!

The Brooklyn Tech High School Chess Team roster

Well, this is us. There are actually more of us then are listed here, but this is the main group that travel to tournaments and compete.

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Eugene Koltunov

Brian J Wilmeth

Emmanuel Rivera

Daniel J Sirota

Felix Radutman

Andrew Singh

The history of our club

The team is three years old. It returned in 1996 when a group of students devoted to playing chess started a Team where we could come and play chess Tuesday afterschool every week. Here our chess passion blossomed, and we all became much stronger players.

Brooklyn Tech has won countless awards in numerous athletic events. However, recently, Technites have shown their prowess in a different kind of game, chess. In our first major tournament, the Pan-American Scolastic Chess Event we clinched third place in the continent in this prestigious tournament. Our other major tournament was the High School National championship in April, 1996 at Somerset, NJ. We started with a bang, and at about round four we were the leading team. By the end, our players were fatigued but we still managed to tie for a respectable 10th - 14th place ahead of Stuyvesant High School (20th).

Brooklyn Tech had made great progress as a chess team, and with a little discipline they should win the next nationals (they were leading all the way during this years nationals and came close to winning it). Our school is already miles ahead of the other NY public schools.

-One of the original founders of the Chess Team, Shivkumar Shivaji

What is the future for the Brooklyn Tech Knights High School Chess Team?

The future of the chess team here at Brooklyn Tech is just that we continue to play chess whenever possible, whether in a tournament or at the school. The chances of any of us making a living out of chess are virtually non-existent, but we will all learn lessons that we will be able to use throughout our lives. And most importantly, we will all have found memories of our experiences on the team.

The chess team invites you to head over to, the official web site of the United States Chess Federation. Come check out the team members' individual ratings, or see what's news in the chess world.